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Hunting the Earl of Rone

Come and enjoy one of Combe Martin’s eccentric and unique events, the Hunting of the Earl of Rone, complete with a ‘obby ‘orse.

The four day event includes Grenadiers, the Hobby Horse, a Fool and the villagers hunting for the Earl of Rone. They eventually find him on the last day, Monday night.

It all starts on Friday evening around the village. On Saturday the Junior School children try to find him. On Sunday afternoon the hunt continues with bands playing. On Monday evening the parade passes through the length of the village, when the Earl of Rone is finally captured, followed by the villagers. He is mounted back-to-front on a donkey where he is frequently shot by the grenadiers. He falls off the donkey but is revived by the hobby horse and fool and remounted on the donkey. On reaching the beach one sees the final shooting which he does not survive and is thrown into the sea.

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